Monday, 12 March 2018

Becoming an Irish Citizen through an Irish Grandparent

I recently obtained my Irish citizenship through my maternal grandfather. It took over 2 years of hunting down birth certificates, marriage licenses and death certificates but it was well worth it. Now I am a dual citizen of the US and Ireland. This opens up so many possibilities for me in terms of employment in the EU and retirement overseas. Life beckons overseas again!

I won't deny that the 2016 elections had a big influence on my desire to get my Irish citizenship through my grandfather but it was also something I had been contemplating for several years. Let's just say, it put my plans into rapid motion.

There are a handful of countries in the EU that will grant the grandchildren of immigrants citizenship in the country of origin. I reached out to the author of this article for permission to include her link on my blog but got no response. At any rate, she did a great bit of research and I have included her link here on how to get an EU passport by descent.