Friday, 20 March 2015

India Unplugged: What Really Happens When You Are Traveling, Living and Working in India

I recently had the pleasure of exchanging emails with Aurelia Zoss who has lived and studied in Austria, Canada and France. During her studies, she traveled across the Indian subcontinent once as a tourist and once as a researcher for several months. She has seen every corner of India: from the Himalayas to the Southern tip of India; from the Northeast to the coasts of Kerala – and every place in between. She has lived in Bangalore and Delhi and has now settled in Bangalore where she is working for an international organization.

She has written a book about her experiences called "India Unplugged."

From an book reviewer: 

"So many expats live in their air conditioned offices and enjoy being driven around by their drivers to fancy restaurants and clubs but have no clue what is really happening in 'their' country. Not so Aurelia. She immersed herself in this India experience like a naïve but curious girl. And her openness paid off: She was able to fill an entire book with crazy and funny stories about her travels and her life in India.

This is not a boring account about lame and uptight expat parties or hanging out on the beach. This is an expat memoir of a different kind.

Instead of bragging about her superior lifestyle, or lamenting about the 'tragic' deprivations she had to endure in India - as you can find in plenty other expat reports - Aurelia really took the plunge. She is telling us stories about REAL people: Bus drivers, coconut sellers on the street, Indian bosses, co-workers, dentists, tailors, and her hilarious interactions with them.

I was amazed at the humbleness with which she shares her stories in such an authentic and unassuming way. Lastly, I have to admit that I am impressed by her deep understanding of this complex country.

Totally worth a read."

Here's a link to the kindle edition on Amazon: