Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Summer in Boulder, CO
The good...summer has come to Boulder, Colorado and our small garden is in bloom. It was a rather long winter here in Colorado with snow storms until mid-May. David dug up a nice patch for a garden just outside our patio and planted flower boxes and hanging baskets with petunias and pansies; it really is a colorful feast for the eyes.

The bad (not so much bad, but it's hard to apart again)...David has gone back to India to tend to his book business, check on our house in Tiruvannamalai and entertain visitors from the US who arrive in a few weeks' time. We had a great time doing 'Bouldery' things like hiking, attending concerts at the Boulder Creek Festival, running the Bolder Boulder (a 10k race) and taking long bike rides.

The ugly...three of our four Indian dogs were killed by either a bigger dog or another ferocious animal one night while David was away. The dead dogs included my two favorites; a sweet dog named Puppy and a new addition that Puppy brought home one night named Puppy's Wife. Both were timid dogs but very trusting once we earned their trust with bowls of rice and yogurt. It is heart breaking to think those dogs are now gone and the only dog left is the stoic old dog named Black Dog, who must be greatly missing his friends.
Day lilly

Again, I feel the tug of wanting to be in two places at once some days, especially when loved ones are far away...even much loved dogs.