Friday, 1 February 2013

Sunny Days in Chennai

My work week in Chennai is about to end; I leave in less than an hour for the peace and quiet of our  garden in Tiruvannamalai. Two nights ago, I had a pleasant walk along Elliot's Beach in Besant Nagar. There was a nice breeze and so much activity; families picnicking after work and the usual parade of walkers. I especially love to watch the elderly couples with their smart running shoes doing the 'needful' and getting their daily exercise. I had never seen trainers (running shoes) worn with a sari before I came to Chennai and lived near the beach.

I realized today that I have not mentioned anything about my great network of non-Indian woman friends who live and work in Chennai. In addition, my female Indian coworkers are a source support during the week when I am away from home and my husband. My expat woman friends have come to India for various reasons; one is a nurse from New Zealand and directs an NGO working to improve the conditions of neonatal care in Indian hospitals, one is an American from California working as a project manager for a large American company with a base in Chennai, the other is a an entrepreneur from Ireland who creates business liaisons between Indian and Irish companies. Each one has been living in Chennai for 2-5 years. They are all fun, interesting and very immersed in their respective careers. It's been inspiring getting to know them all. Two of them speak fairly fluent Tamil, so have acclimated well to South India. I have to admit, I need to get a Tami tutor. I do feel like I miss 50% (probably more) of what's going on around me when I am outside of my office, where my coworkers speak English primarily.

More from Tiruvannamalai  as I will be based there next week.