Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bird Songs in the Morning

 Mt Arunachala through the trees
I know I am back in Tiruvannamalai even before I open my eyes in the morning; a chorus of bird songs float through our open window to greet the day. There are many mornings that I wake up and glance around my bedroom wondering where I am. Living part-time in Chennai and part-time in Tiruvannamalai tends to do that, I guess.

Butterfly Visitor
Pond Heron
On the weekends, my husband and I enjoy having on coffee in the screened in veranda at the front of our house. It faces Mt. Arunachala and has views of the garden and pond just outside. This is where small brightly colored birds seem to start their day as well as numerous butterflies that seem to hover intently over the colorful flowers, deciding which one is most appealing for their morning sip of nectar. A new visitor to our pond is a pond heron often seen wading delicately among the rice paddies in rural India. I like to imagine that he is not eating the fish in our pond but instead just taking pleasure in the activity of the birds and other unexpected visitors to our garden as it slowly wakes up to another day in rural India.
Our Front Garden over the Christmas Holidays