Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Flurry of Indian Weddings

An Indian Bride (wikipedia)
Living in Chennai during the week is good in many ways. I get to visit with my women friends during my lunch break at work and catch up on all the gossip about their extended Indian families. Being the only foreigner on my staff, I get to ask a lot of questions that may seem silly about Indian marriages and husband and wife relationships, but my female coworkers tend to humor me and speak frankly about their lives and families.

It seems that there were a flurry of marriages this past month and at least one 'love' marriage in one of my friend's families. This took up much time over lunch discussing the reaction of  both the groom and bride's side of the family. How did the parents handle it? Did they attend the wedding? (It seems they did not.) What will happen when the first grandchild arrives? Will that change things? No one can ignore their first grandchild, right?

Although my coworkers have young children or teenagers right now, I had to ask them what they would do in ten years time if one of their children wanted to marry someone they did not approve of or choose for them. What if their children did not want them to arrange their marriage?

Their responses varied from, "What can you do?" to "Who knows how much the culture will have changed in ten years time? Maybe it won't even be an issue?"  They seemed to be more open to the possibility that their children may want to choose their own partner, which surprised me. Three of the woman in my office have  'love' marriages, not arranged marriages, so maybe I am in a different environment working in high tech or maybe things are slowly changing in India?

If any readers from India would like to comment, please do!
Bride and Groom from Maharani Weddings Website