Monday, 3 December 2012

Finding a Job in India as an Expat

Yesterday, I was asked by a reader how I managed to land a job in India as a US citizen  I have actually landed two jobs in India; I found the first job online with an Indian company while still living in the USA . I found my current post with a US company through an online job board while living in India.

The first thing to research when attempting to find work in India is whether or not you have a skill that is needed. There are over a billion people in India and many skilled workers are in high-tech field fields such as engineering. In my case, technical writing is still in its infancy in India. There is a need for trainers and skilled writers whose first language is English. While many Indians speak and write excellent English, many high-tech companies are multinational and seek technical writers who are able to write for a global audience. Many Indian companies are just now understanding the need for technical writers as opposed to having engineers write their documentation, so the field is wide open if you are an experienced technical writer.

The next hurdle is to find a company in India that is willing to sponsor you for an employment visa. My first employer interviewed me via Skype and hired me while I was still living in the US. He provided the necessary documents for me to submit an application to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco; I was able to secure the employment visa in about four days.

There were about ten required documents including something called a 'justification letter,' which must explain how your particular skills are not currently available in India. The company must also include a letter detailing your employment contract and the salary must be over $25,000. The Indian Consulate in the US outsources the visa application process to a company called Travisa. This includes employment visas, tourist visas and business visas. I have included the link for information on employment visas for American citizens wanting to work in India below. If you are not from the US and are interested in working in India, please contact the Indian Consulate in your country for specifics requirements for employment visas.

Travisa (Indian Employment visa for US citizens)