Sunday, 16 December 2012

Boulder Bound

Hong Kong Airport
After a hectic week at work in Chennai, I am now sitting in Hong Kong waiting for my next flight to Los Angeles; I flew in earlier today from Chennai. I was one "those people" who had their named paged since I had fallen asleep waiting for my 3 am flight from Chennai. There was an airline attendant scurrying around calling my name, which woke me up. I was the last one on the flight, and I was in the waiting area 2 hours prior to the flight. While not a disaster if I had missed the flight, it would have been a hassle to rebook for the next day, I assume, since it is the high season with many travelers headed various places for the holidays.

I am spending Christmas with my two daughters, my sisters and their families, and my mother in Boulder, CO this year. Last year, we were spread out all across the globe. One daughter was studying abroad in Chile; the other doing a gap year in Costa Rica volunteering at a sea turtle hatchery. We had planned for them to come to India for the holidays this year, but it didn't work out so I am headed to the US. My husband will stay in Tiruvannanalai as he has family in from the UK.

I have very few cold weather clothes these days, so I am hoping my sisters living in Boulder will be able to loan me a sweater or two. This is my third time out of India this year, which is possible with my employment visa, and is now also possible with a tourist visa. Details on the new rules for Indian tourist visas are in my previous blog post.

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