Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cyclone Nilam

After my last entry, life became very interesting. I did not end up going into Chennai for work since weather reports showed that a cyclone (hurricane) was headed towards Chennai within the next two days. I knew that my office manager would just tell us to work from home in Chennai, so I texted my boss on Sunday night and told him that I wanted to stay in Tiru since Chennai would most likely be flooded for the duration of the week when the storm finally hit the city.

We had been watching the weather news and CNN reports on our TV. The weather was getting ugly along the East Coast of the US with Frankenstorm Sandy and, at the same time, the weather here was gearing up for a cyclone just making its way from the Bay of Bengal towards Chennai. As we watched scenes of the aftermath of Sandy flash across our TV screen, we were tracking the course of what was now called Cyclone Nilam making its way toward the state of Tamil Nadu, where we live. We managed to find an interesting group of weather bloggers who are up 24/7 reporting on the tropical storms that may affect India.

KEA Weather Blog:

Cyclone Nilam made landfall last night nearly 100 km from us but we felt the winds and rain all day yesterday. According to our homemade rain gauge, which is one of our dogs' bowl sitting out in the garden, we received about 10 cm of rain from the storm. I don't plan to go into Chennai until next Monday. The photos we are getting online of the city makes me thankful that I did not go in. It's a flooded mess. My coworkers have not gone into the office for the past two days and said it has been a nightmare getting around the city. Reports say that the cyclone has headed across India to the west, not to the north as was predicted.

All is all, the global weather patterns have been wild this week. Update soon with photos.