Saturday, 20 October 2012

Rainy Days in Chennai

It has been raining for the past two days in Tamil Nadu, at least in the areas I have been in. I left Chennai yesterday afternoon. It was Friday and time for my weekly commute to Tiruvannamalai. The streets were flooding in Chennai due to the heavy rain the previous night. Municipal workers with long sticks were poking around in the gutters to clear away the debris in the drains to unplug the muddy swill of runoff water that was a foot deep in some areas of the city. It was one day that I was glad to be traveling by taxi and not on the city bus in Chennai.

My work colleagues straggled in to the office with their tales of long commutes due to the flooded streets; it had taken my boss over two hours to reach the office and it was six miles from his house. Another friend had driven her moped from her flat about three miles away and was drenched from the rain and the splash back from other vehicles. Not a good day for commuters in Chennai.

After work, the four hour trip to Tiru was harrowing as usual, and this time I was forced to face my lifelong fear of hydroplaning; it was not one of the more relaxing trips home. I asked my driver more than once, "Tires are good, yes?" as we sped along the national highway towards Tiru.

Anyway, I made it back safely once again and have spent a lazy day catching up on the world news via the Internet; I even learned some new words and phrases like 'binders full of women' and 'Romnesia'. God bless American politics.

Tonight we plan to watch the finale of the 'Great British Bake Off' (I'm pretty sure that has not made it to the US yet) and I have made some homemade brownies in celebration. God knows what they will taste like since the power has gone off and on since I put them in the oven. They smell like brownies and look like brownies so I am hoping for the best...