Monday, 1 October 2012

Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

Today is a national holiday (Gandhi's birthday) and I am happily sitting on our front veranda in Tiruvannamalai writing this entry. We have had some good steady rains over the weekend so the summer monsoons finished with our area of Tamil Nadu coming out ahead in terms of rainfall. Now that we are in October, it is the start of the winter monsoons, which will stretch till about mid-December.

The lovely thing about having a holiday today is that we are just starting our garden and having the time to putter around planting and weeding is a treat. I worked from home yesterday and put in about 10 hours, so I feel entitled to enjoy my day off. I will remain in Tiru for the entire week; my boss has agreed that any week that has a holiday, I can work that whole week from Tiru. That works out to about 10 weeks per year. Not too shabby.

I did not have the dreaded Monday morning commute to Chennai yesterday, which was the first time I have not dragged myself out of bed at 4:30 am on a Monday in weeks. Last week commuting into the city, I had a somewhat harrowing time. My driver fell asleep about 2 hours into the 4 hour drive and we narrowly missed hitting an on coming truck. If I hadn't screamed, I fear you may not be reading this blog entry. So, the less I have to commute on that busy road each week, the better. Besides, I like getting into the rhythm of the week with David. Now that we are married, I feel as if my place is at home in the serenity of our garden and the views of Arunachala.