Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Krishnamurti Foundation - Chennai, India
 This week has been over-the-top hectic with work. My counterparts in the US work on components for cell phones and there is a new release of some new doo-dad or another every six months. We have just gotten through the documentation for these products, and I am wiped out from looking at technical specifications on components so small that you wouldn't even noticed if you stepped on them.

This weekend, however, I will stay in Chennai for the first weekend in months. I am doing some research at the Krishnamurti Foundation just down the street from my office on Greenways Road. I find it remarkable to be working very near some of the places I have read about for years like The Theosophical Society, and The Krishnamurti Foundation. Krishnamurti spent his last years here and gave many talks on the neatly kept lawn surrounding the main building. Both places are like a serene refuge from the crazy, pulsing city of Chennai, which seems to be on high volume 24/7.

I am feeling very elated this morning as I just got notification that an article I wrote for was published today online. My hope is to publish my book about my experiences in India - blending the spiritual with high-tech, Indian style. It is the first bit of good news I received after many submissions to a variety of publishers. I think I will bask in the feeling of being considered a writer today by someone other than myself...

Here's the link to the newly published article: