Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Power Cut, Madam

What a difference a week makes. My office situation in India has always been 'tough' by American standards. The power goes off for at least two hours per day and, although the computers stay on, the air conditioning goes off and the ceiling fans may or may not work based on whatever the hell day of the week it is. It is the hot season here and outside the temperature has been well over 100 degrees F.

Working on highly technical documents while sitting in your own sweat is a sure way to slowly go mad. Just today, I stood on my desk, reached up and manually spun the ceiling fan to make it work. It needed a jump start after having been off for two hours. These are things that I am starting to view as 'normal.' The rural town of Tiruvannamalai has better backup than this office in Chennai.

I  look forward to being in rural India on the weekends with David. If there was a way I could work remotely from there, I would. It's still something I am trying to figure out.