Monday, 21 May 2012

Staying Cool in Chennai

After a long lapse, I am back to my blog. Details to follow but suffice it to say that life got a bit wacky, and I ended up leaving the job that initially brought me to India. It had to do mainly with not getting a regular paycheck, and a boss who was less than honest on many levels. It's unsettling to be in another country with no job and no real sense of what is going to happen next. I wasn't even sure that my visa was still valid without the job, but found out that is was, and I decided to start looking for another job in Chennai.

I did know that I wanted to stay in India and did what I do best; I updated my resume and posted it on every high tech type site in India. I got many responses but no one wanted to sponsor me for a new work visa, which meant a trip back to the USA on their dime. But, as luck would have it, I was approached after a two month wait by an American company with offices in India. They needed a senior technical writer and after 7+ interviews (!), I got the job.

I have been working at the new job for 2 months now, and it is summer in South India. It is HOT with a capitol HOT! I am still with David, and we are planning a future together so life is hectic at times with my back and forth trips from Chennai to Tiru again, but I feel blessed to have found a way to stay in India.