Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Corporate India

I'm finding it much nicer to work for an American company based in India for a number of reasons. My Indian coworkers are great and many have been to the corporate headquarters in CA. Although I am the only foreigner in my office, I enjoy it since I am trying to learn some Tamil language (the language of Tamil Nadu state) and at the same time I get to work remotely with teams in Ukraine, Singapore and the US. The office has a vibrant international feel to it; a real high point for me.

The weather is hot again today and the report was for a 41 degree Celsius day (104 F) in the city. I enjoyed reading the Indian weather report; it also had the 'wind chill' temperature as 100 F for today. Maybe in case I wanted to bring a light sweater?

I miss being in Tiruvannamalai, but I need to work at this point in my life. I get there each weekend for a break from the hot city and time with David. Life is all about trade-offs, really, and I feel lucky to be able to work in the city for a decent wage and retreat to rural India at week's end.