Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year from South India!

I am back to my blog after a month long hiatus. It has been a busy month filled with workplace shenanigans, nonpayment of salary, moving from one flat to another, visitors from the UK and a cyclone named Thane.

After struggling to get paid  my full salary for three months, I had to start thinking if I really wanted to stay in a job that did not pay me without repeatedly asking for a paycheck. I am still caught up in this drama but in the meantime, I spent my first holiday season in India with David and some of his family from the UK. I have not missed the overload of Christmas crap that comes with the holiday season in the USA. It was refreshing to receive a simple pair of earrings from David and to give him a candle in exchange on Christmas Day.

On Dec 30th, Tamil Nadu state was hit by a huge cyclone named Thane, which struck the coastal city of Pondicherry with a vengeance. I had been in the city the day before it arrived; the winds were strong and the waves off the coast were higher than I had ever seen. The storm lasted about 12 hours; 40 some people were killed mostly by stepping on electrical wires that were downed by the storm. We were without power for four days but escaped any significant damage to the gardens or house.

I have no idea what the new year will bring, but for some reason I am hopeful that life will continue to bring me much happiness and adventure...