Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Rains are Back...

I am currently working for a small training company in Chennai, South India. My title is officially 'Director of Training' but it could just as well be 'Vice President of Pageantry'. The title doesn't mean much, and I don't really direct anyone; I basically organize training sessions and teach an occasional class.

From my office on the second floor of a nondescript white and blue colored building in an area called Ashok Nagar, I can look down on the bustling city below. I have witnessed the occasional funeral procession, a dead body shrouded in garlands pulled along on a cart by mourners dancing to loud drumming as they make their way through the streets of the city. I have watched the beginnings of the monsoon and streets choked with water and garbage, pedestrians making their way gingerly through the standing puddles in hopes that no uncovered manholes lurk beneath the muddy flood water.

The rains came with a vengeance over the weekend, and there is a promise of even more rain later this week. My farming friends in Tiruvannamalai are envious of the downpour we got here along the coast. I know the rain is necessary for a successful growing season, but if I make it through the monsoons without falling into an uncovered manhole here in Chennai, I will personally consider it a very successful rainy season.