Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The rains have taken a hiatus and today was sunny in Chennai. I did not leave my flat yesterday as I just wasn't up to facing the noise of the city and haggling with auto rickshaw drivers. I spent over 10 hours on my computer sending query letters to agents and telling them about my wonderful (I think) idea for a non-fiction book about living  in Chennai as a single woman and working in high-tech India. I have now sent out over 10 query letters and/or book proposals and am keeping my fingers crossed that someone, somewhere will be interested in my story.

Some days I absolutely love living in India; this is most often when I am in Tiruvannamalai happily gardening with David. We work silently next to one another for long periods of time, both hunched over weeding or planting seedlings, our T-shirts drenched in sweat from the heat and humidity. At night, we sit on the veranda eating bread and cheese and split a cold Kingfisher. Life is so simple, silent, and serene for me there.

Chennai is more of a big glaring bully choked with smog, noise and garbage. It seems to assault one's senses and render one unable to muster the energy to cope some days. Thank goodness I can work from my flat whenever I want, and thank God for an uninterrupted power supply!