Sunday, 13 November 2011

Life and Death in India

Last night I returned by bus to Chennai. My weekend in Tiruvannamalai was a mixture of a heartbreaking incident and the power of a connection of good friends.

An elderly woman in the expat community was critically injured in a motorbike accident on Friday. David and I were first on the scene on a busy road in Tiru. I rode in the Indian ambulance with the woman, Dianne, whom I had only met a few times before. She had a serious gash on the right side of her head and was slipping in and out of consciousness. Although taken to a bigger city with a better hospital, she is not going to make it according to the doctors and will be taken off life support in the next day or two.

Again I am forced to focus on the brevity of life, how far away my daughters are from me, and how little I can do to protect them, other loved ones or myself from some type of accident while in a foreign land.

I also saw how a group of people living far away from their own countries were able to quickly network to contact Dianne's family in Ireland, assist her husband in the distant hospital and keep abreast of the changing  state of her condition. It was hard to leave for the city, and my heart is still in Tiru as I get ready to go to work.