Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Arctic ATMs and Me

I discovered quite by accident which locations in Chennai have the distinction of having the best A/C in town - without a doubt, it's the ATM vestibules. With humidity levels reaching 90% outside on a daily basis, the condensation in the small yet appealing "oasis of cold air capsule" begins to form on the glass door and is a tell-tale sign that something is brewing inside - and that something is cold, cold air, sista.

The lines for ATMs can be long here if you don't time it right. I stood in line for 20 minutes at an ATM in the city of Pondicherry only to be waved away when the machine ran out of cash. I was not disappointed by the fact that I was not able to get any money; I was more disappointed that I didn't get to stand for about 5 luscious minutes in the ATM vestibule filled with icy cold air. 

Some vestibules even have plastic chairs in them, which I can only assume are for folks like me, drenched in sweat, who pretend that they have misplaced something in the depths of their purse, only to be able to add a few more delightful moments of extreme coldness prior to re-entry into the wall of even more extreme humidity. The rainy season is fast approaching so my fascination with the icy ATM may wan a bit, but I doubt it.